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Private Driver Service


Mykonos Private Driver and Chauffeur Services


A private driver/chauffeur service in Mykonos is a must, the main reason is that the taxis can't handle all of the traffic since they are only thirty two, yes that is correct, just thirty two taxis to service approximately seventy thousand tourists on Mykonos Island during high season. We are sick and tired of watching people queuing up at the airport or outside the clubs just waiting for a taxi, when all they want is to just go home.


The second and most important reason why a private driver is always recommended is for your safety. Our drivers are familiar with the challenges posed by the formation of the island roads, areas with limited visibility, and the many motorcycles that share the roads. These are just some of the factors why accidents occur every season.


We don't want you to have any surprises when you get here. These are the facts and we just can't sit back and pretend these things don't happen. We're giving you the inside scoop, so now it's up to you to decide.


Our personal driver service will be designed according to your needs, single service like a one way airport transfer, stand by service (full day disposal) , prearranged number of transfers per day, after hours service.

Our drivers are experienced and consummate professionals with years of experience driving tourists around Mykonos. We consistently monitor both our chauffeurs and their luxury vehicles to ensure safety and reliability. Although we don't like to pride, we can't help mentioning that our drivers are not just sitting behind the wheel, they are great facilitators like us and will always be willing to assist you with anything you might need during your stay in Mykonos.

We also offer private transfer services to large groups, operated by 17 seater VIP mini buses, 30 or 50 seater buses from Mykonos Airport or Port to all destinations. Exclusive vehicles such as Mercedes S-Class, Mercedes Viano and the V-Class are also available upon request.

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