How to go private when booking a luxurious villa in Mykonos. PRIVE January 20, 2021

How to go private when booking a luxurious villa in Mykonos.

Is a luxurious villa in Mykonos for everyone? How does it feel?
Should it feel like home?
Albeit there is nothing new in wanting to make the best out of your visits to spectacular destinations far away from home, when booking a luxurious villa in Mykonos, making the best of your visit to Mykonos is totally different gameplay.
There is no argument that Mykonos is one rare piece of mineral. A diamond of alien origins. Deciding on visiting Mykonos, means getting one step closer to an escape destination unlike no other.
An escape destination that promotes simplicity and well-being through the extreme. An escape destination to experience life in the most beautiful ways.
It is HOW you make the best out of your stay in Mykonos, that has become a constant quest, for the seekers of pleasure who keep revisiting the island for decades.

Starting with the fundamentals
Pleasure hunting. What pleases you the most?
In the following article, we will explore what is widely accepted as the most important factor in travel pleasure, that is accommodation. Should it feel like home? Though getting to Mykonos is all about escaping from it? Or isn’t it?
We will try to answer those questions but first…
A little bit of new – old history.
It is safe to say that the local inhabitants, the Mykonians, had their first contact occurring with international travelers driven by the will for cultural and spiritual awareness.
That is officially recorded in the logbooks of the island’s municipality and the local press.
It is 1873 and archaeologists from the French Archaeological  School of Athens start a multiyear excavation expeditionary mission to uncover the mysteries of the most proximate isle southwest of Mykonos. At a swimming distance of 1.5 nautical miles from Mykonos (or 3.5 kilometers), there lies ancient Delos.
Delos. The sacred birth land and home of the god of light Apollo son of  Zeus, and his twin sister, goddess of wild animals, the hunt, vegetation, chastity, and childbirth, Artemis.
It is the birth of those two ancient Greek gods that became the spark that ignited and keeps igniting tourism in Mykonos. Wonder why?

50 years after the first expedition, in 1925 there was not even a single luxurious villa in Mykonos.
Nothing but a handful of coffee shops on the island of Mykonos and the only newborn hotel “Delos” making its first steps.
The Myconians provide food, accommodation, and rest, to the excavators of the immortals’ birthplace. The pleasure seekers with authentic “love for the foreign”, that being the etymology of the ancient Greek word philoxenia.

Delos hotel becomes the private home of Delos’ discoverers, who would visit daily the private home of Apollo and Artemis to uncover its mysteries with the help of the local fishermen who would work on-site to add to their income and provide for their families.
Both Delos hotel and Delos island were meant to provide peace of mind and calmness while showered by the rays of the Cycladic sun and get kissed by salty waves carried by the strong winds traveling through the famous Greek archipelago of the Aegean.
We use the word private to refer to those places, for a very good reason. Delos was so private, that no one else was allowed to live on the island but the gods.
No mortal was allowed to be born or die on the sacred island. Delos remains in this private status until today. No man stays on the island, for the island was destined to be inhabited only by the gods. Looks like this sense of privacy has been cultivating the Mykonian living culture for thousands of years and keeps doing so.
Fast forward to 1965
Mykonos with its unparalleled Cycladic beauty being energized from the isle of Delos keeps attracting more travelers and tourists that enjoy their staying in two hotels, and fifty-four rooms to let now operating on the island
In 1985, the two hotels became forty and the rooms to let from 54, became 895.
From 1990 until today, Mykonos Concierge VIP services made their appearance, as the island transformed from a rocky dry land to a travel destination with densely populated settlements.
An increasing community of locals that now work and invest in a rich touristic infrastructure with Mykonos luxury private villas on the top of the accommodation pyramid.
Millions of tourists swarm towards the island during the Summer seasons and the iconic cobblestone labyrinth of pathways surrounded by the unique architectural miracles of the island’s main port town “Chora”, becomes overwhelmed with joy and laughter of people from all corners of the world celebrating life.
Mykonos became a magnetic pole for the international jet set
Fashion icons, music and sports stars, famous artists, and successful entrepreneurs, fall in love with the island and if they don’t purchase land, they will visit at least for a few days or weeks, almost every summer every year.
Meanwhile, Mykonos keeps living and breathing in sync with the daily sunsets using Delos as a brush to paint the island with the shades created from the sacred isle.
All those years everyone has surely visited Mykonos but not everyone has truly been there. Not everyone has truly received a VIP concierge service while staying in a luxurious villa in Mykonos or lived a unique experience made to meet one’s most inner needs.

It is 2022 and the island keeps following up with its multi-thousand years of cultural legacy, offering the privacy of its homes designed by an inner need for extraordinariness, VIP services mentality, combined with a present, almost omnipotent state of art aesthetics and a strong sense for symbolism lost in the simplicity of the landscape and the complexity of the ancient myths connecting the island with the two living gods of Light and Hunting, two gods who become an indefeasible part of the island’s incomparable character.
These homes, mostly known now as Mykonos luxury private villas, are scattered across the island’s countryside. Most of them are villa sized constructions that sure can have marble bathrooms, infinity pools, luxurious furniture,  state of art electronics, sea view, and “all that jazz”… but each one of them has something that no other has:
A piece of a landmark with a unique history and energy drive, that depicts each villa’s home feel. Each villa’s special privacy signature.
When it comes to accommodation, safety is the top priority. Safety means more than anything else protection. And when in privacy,  protection becomes the ultimate challenge.
How to ensure safety along with privacy while deep diving in a whole new era where living a life with style has become a challenge defying lifestyle itself?
Mykonos Prive Concierge
Find the perfect villa to rent for your private staying in Mykonos.
As the name betrays it, Mykonos Prive Concierge is a boutique agency that addresses people with a passion for life strong enough to redefine the terms of luxury and lifestyle.
Passion is a soul thing and souls are meant to be immortal. When it comes to the key pleasure of accommodation, we connect you with a list of luxurious villas in Mykonos to choose from, villas that we have visited many times before and know not only about their features and amenities but also their personal history and their land’s history.
But we won’t stop there.
Being one of the oldest concierge VIP service agencies on Mykonos, we utilize our previous experience to make your next staying on the island feel so special and god-like, only your very true home can make it feel and be so.
From private transportation to your personal health, from the nanny for your kids to the DJ of your private party,
Planning your next staying in a Luxurious Villa in Mykonos, no matter if it is for a long vacation, a weekend escape, a sightseeing endeavor, or business, simply check us out at Mykonos Prive Concierge and watch us making our best to please you with pleasure, sharing with you in style the secrets that promise to turn your trip to an experience of divine proportions.

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