Mykonos Chora: Top 10 list of the best things to do. PRIVE March 31, 2022

Mykonos Chora: Top 10 list of the best things to do.

So, your trip to “Miss Universe” is now planned and Mykonos Chora is waiting for your arrival.
Your tickets are booked, your transportation is fixed, your accommodation is settled and your 24/7-360 concierge service is now guaranteed.
You will be treated like a Mykonian celebrity.
Enjoy the good food, the good company, the free spirits, and the unexpected luxuries of the day and nightlife, hidden in the simplest forms of beauty like the smiling of the sun while the seagulls’ songs blend with the laughter of the party people, all unfold in one of the top 5 – 3 – 2 – 1 travel destinations of our planet.
A quick guide to making the best of your stay in Mykonos can be found here.      

Mykonos Hora (Chora) Overview Courtesy of

Every time you visit Mykonos Chora, you will find yourself lost and found reborn; living unique experiences of the moment. The moments that defy the past, the present, and the future for the sake of abundant joy in presense.
The following checklist of the must-do’s in Mykonos shares a common secret: These are the things once done, you will want to do every time you reach back to the island of the winds. These are all experiences that develop one’s mindset and transcend to the feeling of nowness and oneness reached through the singularity of the forms.
These are the ten best things you will want to pick up from and enjoy doing every day you find yourself immersed in the culture of Mykonos Chora.
1. Wander around Mykonos Chora
All handmade.
If the cobblestone alleyways of the main town (locals call “Chora”) had a voice, they would sing all magic about Mykonos.
The traditional architecture of the stone hand-built settlement that forms the main town, is engraved by a labyrinth of uniquely structured pave walks, that are used to keep the wild winds and the pirates away from the center of the “agora”(market), thus secure serenity and peace in the everyday life of the Mykonians.

Alley road in Mykonos Hora Courtesy of

The scenery is completed by the wooden elements, balconies, windows, and doors from homes, shops, restaurants, and cafe bars in Hora, all painted in the colors of the traditional Cycladic blue color palette; the same colors you will find all over the island, even at the wood crafted fishing boats and the old olive oil tin canisters that now serve as pots for the most beautiful bougainvillea flowers ever to grow.    
Celebrities and fashionistas, travelers of all kinds blend with the locals and create a mosaic of walkers in what is widely known as the Hora’s “peratzada”, this full of life “passerella”, is a unique catwalk that beats with an authentic pulse and welcomes you to experience it on your own pace, by visiting and discover its beauties as they evolve during a full turn around the sun. 

Left: The ultimate local celebrity, an ever-living myth, Petros the pelican. Right: Hora’s countless colorful alleyways are waiting for you to explore.

Hora provides clubbing and shopping, fun, and socializing that could make Instagram drop its jaws, but much more than anything Mykonos’ Chora is a landmark of mythical dimensions, once experienced you will never want to let go. Any time of the day or night is literally a perfect time to lose yourself in Hora’s labyrinths as long as your heart asks you to.
The tranquility of the early morning hours slowly but steady gives room to the locals who start refreshing the architectural details brushed with white color made of clay, the market opens, till the golden hour arrives for the settlement to change its skin color from sugar snow whites into earthy brown reds and the party to start until the first sun rays heat up again this unique Cycladic settlement’s alleyways.   

Mykonos today. Overviewed from the South West.

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Your visits to Mykonos will always be special. Always be different. Only better. One class further up the ones before.
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