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Welcome to Privé's Concierge World, laced with stunning opulence, replete with unrivaled services, focusing on unforgettable one-of-a-kind outlandish experiences.

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Mykonian Luxury At Its Finest
Our utter commitment to delivering true value to our clients is a hallmark of our services, allowing us to expand cooperations nationwide, in order to provide the best travel services and experiences.

From private jets to luxury villa rentals and superyachts, and even off-market experiences meant for high-status personages, we offer the proverbial backstage pass to the best luxury concierge services in Mykonos Island.


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PRIVÉ is a group of travel and service oriented professionals with a combined experience of more than 20 years on Mykonos Island, offering personal concierge services to discerning clients traveling every summer to Mykonos. We always strive to provide exceptional services to our clients and create an experience that will never be forgotten.

We pride ourselves on our ability to overcome barriers and create strong relationships between our staff and our faithful clientele. Our loyal clients and frequent visitors of Mykonos Island are choosing our services every year not just because they trust that we will deliver what was promised, but because they know that we will always go above and beyond from what they could have expected.

In plain words, we are basically sleepless during the summer season, but we don’t mind, since we are all used to work on a 24/7 basis, we love our job and with all fairness, we do have the whole winter season to take our own vacation and reflect on our own Mykonos experience. We thrive off of working under pressure and enjoy it more than most people. It’s not really work when you do what you love, right?

PRIVÉ has the willingness to make its clients’ dreams come true. Each member of our staff has extensive experience and well earned recognition in their field of expertise. Using discretion and respecting privacy is an innate value among our people and collaborators. So you won’t have to sweat the small stuff!

We all understand the standard of care and attention to detail which our clients expect. We promise to always maintain the utmost level of service and we are eager to help you plan your best holidays yet!

Sit back and relax, we got this!

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